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In May of this year, I was asked to be on an Entrepreneurship panel for the City of Austin’s Small Business Development Program (SBDP). The panel was open to the public and for budding entrepreneurs who have a product idea. The goal of the panel was to educate them on the process, how to go about develop their product, marketing and distribution, and manufacturing. I was joined on the panel by Conley Giles, a serial entrepreneur and Nathan Jones, the founder of The Freeloader.

Earlier this month, the SBDP approached again, this time to write an article on product development for Austin MD magazine. The magazine is a free publication distributed to many area medical practices and the July/August issue was dedicated to product development. The only constraint was that it had to be 400 words and being someone who can’t make a concise argument, it was very challenging but thanks to my wife and her editing skills, we managed to squeeze in right on target. It’s always an honor to be asked to do talks and write articles and I hope that my ramblings will help an entrepreneur/start-up who has a product idea take that next step! You can read the electronic version of the article here.


Posted on July 1, 2014 in Articles, Talks

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