Modulus Media Systems

Project Description

Modulus Media Systems has released the first true all-in-one media system that will revolutionize the Home Entertainment industry. The Modulus combines a DVR, Blu-Ray player, networked movie server, streaming video and music, and personal media organizer into a unified, easy-to-use product line. Consisting of the M1, the MX1 and the Modulus Remote, the user will have access to all their stored and streamed media that is accessible from almost anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Modulus hired Produktworks to develop their entire product line from initial concept. Produktworks worked on the industrial design, engineering and prototyping, as well as production and tooling support. We got to flex all our design and engineering muscles on these products; designing plastic, sheet metal and machined parts. We integrated two diffused LED strips that changed colors to denote the menu and tasks being accomplished.

Project Details

Client: Modulus Media Systems

Tags: Consumer, Technology

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