Tycho Design – Astronomical Clock

Project Description

Tycho Design hired Produktworks to help them design and engineer their Astronomical Clock. Inspired by the great astronomical clocks and orreries of the renaissance, the Tycho Design Astronomical Clock is designed to be a unique electro-mechanical centerpiece. The Clock uses the latest NASA data to denote the locations and orientations of planets over long periods of time and can track all 13 astronomical ages, and 12 astrological ages, from 11,000 BC to 16,000 AD. This was truly a project where art, design and engineering intersected to product a spectacular product unlike any other.

Working with their visionary team, Produktworks was responsible for the aesthetic design and mechanical engineering implementation. We developed the proprietary, complex drivetrain that moves all the planetary and moon functions, like orbit, rotation, tilt and position. The planets and moons were also mapped from NASA data and are topographically accurate, using the very best in rapid fabrication technologies, while the Sun is a glass orb custom fabricated by an artisan glass blower.

Project Details

Client: Tycho Design

Tags: Consumer, Lifestyle, Technology

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